I-LYA Power Boating Regattas

Aug 7th-11th

Stay tuned for more details on the I-LYA Boating Regattas event. This time of year we see the I-LYA Junior Sail Regatta where Junior Sailors compete for points towards national competition in various racing classes. There is also the Deep Water Sailing Races where skippers compete by classes at Put-in-Bay.

Finally there is the I-LYA Senior Sailing Races which have been held for over 100 years with racers gathering at Put-in-Bay to race off the Western Shore. Races can be watched from the shore of Put-in-Bay. Stop by the downtown harbor for a colorful display of sails, and sleek racing craft.

I-LYA stands for the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. There is plenty of things going on uring the I-LYA Power Boating Regattas. Some of the on-land events of the week include a cocktail party, cardboard boat races, a golf tournament and a pub crawl. You can never go wrong getting a cold one from Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille! That’s just the start of what will be many social events on the week’s calendar. Just don’t forget those summer whites!