Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

The name says it all! Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is where a lot of the fun things to do in Put-in-Bay are! This sprawling campus is home to some of the most awesome Put-in-Bay attractions for the entire family and groups of friends. Perfectly designed for both adults and kids, everyone loves Perry’s and this makes it a great spot to head as soon as you get off a Put-in-Bay ferry!

Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center Details

Located on Catawba Avenue a little less than a mile from downtown, Perry’s consists of eight amazing attractions. Open seven days a week, visitors can group tickets for different attractions to save on cost. There are also group discounts so make sure to call ahead.

Perry’s Cave

The main draw here is definitely Perry’s Cave. This cave is truly magical! Located about 52 feet underground, the cave wasn’t discovered until 1813. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero and leader of the Battle of Lake Erie, is credited for finding it. And lucky he did too! During the War of 1812, his troops desperately needed water in this trying time. Perry’s Cave is home to a rare underground lake full of fresh water.

This underground lake is quite mysterious. It rises and falls with the tides of Lake Erie, but no one knows how they are connected! The infamous Victory Hotel also used this water before it burned down in 1919.

Make sure to bring a sweater. The temperature is almost always 52 degrees, much cooler than summers on Put-in-Bay.

Butterfly House

This aviary is home to over 50 species beautiful butterflies from all over the world. The entire 4000 square feet is landscaped to perfection with gorgeous flora providing homes to these lovely creatures. Soothing music makes the whole place like an oasis. There is also a gift shop.

War of 18 Holes

Ready to have fun with a healthy side of history? This mini golf course is fun, challenging, and educational. Players walk through lush greenery, competing against one another while learning about the important battles of the War of 1812.

Gemstone Mining

Get your hands sandy by prospecting for treasures! By purchasing a bag of rough mix, you can sift through it for geodes and fossils. And yes, they’re real! You can also purchase a geode at the shop and it get it cut onsite.

Fort aMaze’n

Race you friends to the end of this challenging maze or compete against yourself to best your time. Folks cheer you on from the observation tower as you get lost in getting lost and found over and over again!

Rock Wall

A new rock wall is all ready for 2018! This straight up and down column challenges climbers of all skills and sizes.

Antique Car Museum

The sole free attraction at Perry’s features the oldest car on the island as well as other vintage memorabilia.

DanDee’s Snack Shack

With all this fun, you’re bound to work up an appetite, but all of the Put-in-Bay restaurants are off site. However, there is a snack shack! DanDee’s serves up mac ‘n cheese balls, fried mozzarella, and perch delicacies to satisfy your group. They also have lots of ice cream treats to beat the heat!