Put in bay grand parade

Sept 8th

The capstone of the famous Put-in-Bay Ohio Historical Weekend, the Grand Parade wraps things up in style. In addition, there will be over 1,000 Boy Scouts marching in the parade, fresh off of their Camporee weekend spent in the shadow of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. Moreover, there be high school marching bands traveling from all over the Midwest to participate. This weekend is full of War of 1812 re-enactments, and the participants will also be marching in the parade. And perhaps the most interesting guest is the the captain of the USS Lake Erie. The vessel is an active service guided missile cruiser in the United States Navy. He will also be in the parade.

Events During Put-in-Bay Historical Weekend

The Grand Parade is the climactic event of the weekend, but there’s a ton going on all weekend in commemoration of Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie’s place in American history. At the forefront of the informative weekend is the role the island and its surrounding waters played in the War of 1812.

There might not be a better weekend all season for the entire family to come to Put-in-Bay. That being said, there are many events going on are for all ages. There will be War of 1812 re-enactments going on all over the island, these can be thrilling theater. Come on by to see a ton of other smaller events as well.